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CRM Partnerships

Salesforce Sales Cloud

See the person, not the persona. It’s never been more important than it is now to have a clear understanding of your customers and to develop a personal and meaningful relationship with them. With FollowAnalytics quick and simple integration you can combine CRM data, with mobile data to create robust 360 degree customer profiles. FollowAnalytics is plugged into Salesforce’s UI, so you can send push and in-app notifications directly from your CRM.

Our click and connect integration to Salesforce CRM gives you full visibility into your consumers across all channels without wasting time and resources on the integration. You can leverage CRM data along with real-time mobile insights and build and send push notification campaigns directly in Salesforce’s interface. Or you can pull Salesforce fields into FollowAnalytics’ dashboard and use them to segment users and create campaign.

Screenshot of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Screenshot of Salesforce Sales Cloud
Enhance your mobile profiles and segmentation with fields from Salesforce CRM.

Additional CRM Partners

CRM is the beating heart of your business and mobile is its future. We’ve taken these two essentials and combined them so you can rest easy and focus on what matters: your bottom line. Our product was architected from the ground-up with an advanced connectivity layer that allows us to easily and quickly build connectors for any third party or in-house system.

Today we have built out-of-the-box, codeless connectors for leading CRM’s such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and Netsuite. Our customers can leverage integrations for the mentioned CRMs with just a few clicks and no dependency on IT.

Screenshot - Additional CRM Partners

Marketing Automation Partnerships

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud is one of the most powerful digital marketing solutions available. Now you can enhance its power by combining data available in marketing cloud with your mobile data to add context and relevance to every customer interaction across all channels. Marketers can use real-time, geo-location and action triggered campaigns to reach and engage with consumers. Use the power of Journey Builder and FollowAnalytics to build an omni-channel marketing strategy that is powered by complete visibility into the entire consumer lifecycle.


Today’s consumer interacts with your brand at their convenience. They may start an interaction on their tablet, while lounging on the couch. Then, pick the conversation back up, the next day on their way to work, on their smart-phone and continue it on their laptop, when they arrive to work. With savvy customers like these, it is essential that you have a comprehensive understanding of their experience across all channels. With Followanalytics’ Eloqua connector, you have complete control and visibility on the consumer’s entire lifecycle.

While an omni-channel strategy is essential to positive customer experience, it is also important to recognize that in today’s market, mobile is quickly establishing itself as the channel of importance. Now, using FollowAnalytics’ simple integration you can take advantage of data available in Eloqua inside FollowAnalytics.

Working with FollowAnalytics is made extremely easy for existing Eloqua users and the integration will allow you to create more comprehensive segments in Eloqua by taking into consideration the advanced paths taken in mobile apps. All segments can be used for analysis or targeting in the FollowAnalytics dashboard.

Data from FollowAnalytics synced on an Eloqua contact page. Data can be used for segmentation and targeting.
Data from FollowAnalytics synced on an Eloqua contact page. Data can be used for segmentation and targeting.


It’s not just about reaching your customers in an attempt to stay top of mind for them. It’s about building a unified marketing strategy across all available channels and adding value to your customers with every touch point. FollowAnalytics offers an easy to integrate plugin for Marketo so that you can build a truly seamless omnichannel customer conversation.

Business Intelligence Partnerships

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Bring your data to life with advanced filters and beautiful visualizations. Pinpoint trends and discover hidden insights by looking at your data across all channels in real-time.

Salesforce Analytics cloud provides instant insight for every member of your team. FollowAnalytics allows you to easily transport your mobile data for slicing and dicing into SF Analytics Cloud’s advanced interface. With our easy to integrate solution, there is no coding or development work required on your end. We do all the heavy lifting, so you can reap the benefits.

Screenshot Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Custom Partnerships

Built for Connectivity

Our advanced connectivity layer allows us to easily and quickly build connectors for any third party or in-house system. Additionally, you can take data sets from any system and optimize mobile campaigns against them.

Whether you are an agency, a technology vendor or a mobile app development platform, we can help increase engagement and impact ROI on mobile.